2016 Rainier Pale Mountain Ale

In 2016 Rainier return brewing to Washington with a limited time offering called Rainier Pale Mountain Ale, Rainier’s first new beer in nearly 20 years. It was offered in a unique 16-oz. bottle in six packs, and on draught.


Proudly brewed in Washington

It’s the Flavor that Sets Us apart

Rainier Pale Mountain Ale was the first new beer from Rainier in nearly 20 years. Inspired by pale ales made by Rainier Brewing Company just after Prohibition, Rainier Pale Mountain Ale was handcrafted with two-row barley to provide a solid malt backbone and hopped with Yakima Valley hops for a well balanced crisp, citrus finish.


Rainier Beer has been a Northwest classic since 1878.  Rainier won a Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup for Best American-Style Lager in 2016 and Gold and Silver Medals at the Great American Beer Festival over the years.

Rainier Brewing Company has been committed to brewing and offering the finest mountain fresh beers since 1878, which is 11 years before Washington became a state.